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We feature only the best local businesses – off the beaten path, unique, fierce, independent.

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To-the-minute updates on specials, openings, and pop-ups faster than your favorite magazine.

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Read the minds of local fashionistas with the best blogs, articles, and look books all in one place.

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Shanghai, Hong Kong

Shop your way around Asia, starting with Shanghai and Hong Kong. Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok coming soon.

Follow Local Icons

Don’t know what to wear? Discover your own style or get inspired by local designers, models, or friends.

Share Your Trails

You came, you saw, you conquered. Share your spots and finds with friends for rewards, trendsetter.

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For Shoppers & Travelers

Get smart, get local – fast.

You just arrived, you’re short on time, and the whole family expects gifts. We get it. ShopHop lets you in on regional trends with written & photo content. Getting something specific or just exploring? We do both with customized itineraries to take your ideas to the streets & shops. Got home but didn’t pick anything up for yourself? You can shop your favorite stores through your phone. Now you’re informed, organized, and connected – all in one place.
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For Businesses

Bring communities to your door.

For the new designer in the heart of Hong Kong or Shanghai, marketing is expensive – and so is the rent. ShopHop gets more feet through your doors by putting your product and story front & center to the right people, offering partnered deals, and opening up online purchasing. Want to grow from there? ShopHop provides analytics and community tools to help you focus on creating, not worrying.
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For Writers & Icons

More eyes for more discussion.

These days, attention comes at a premium. For your thoughts on style, it doesn’t have to. ShopHop partners with bloggers, magazines, and icons specific to each region to bring in more traffic and send out more influence. We amplify your impact by turning text into action, synthesizing written & social content into shopping trails with your brand stamp.

The ShopHop Team

We love shopping. We love travel.
We love supporting independent businesses doing creative things.


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